Going Digital in Wanganui

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Digital Television is a technical change to the present analogue service which provides clearer pictures, sharper sound, an increase in the number of channels and interactive options. All round, a better viewing experience.

Free-to-Air TV view a not-for-profit joint venture comprising a group of free to air broadcasters (TVWorks (owners of TV3 and C4), Maori Television Service, TVNZ, and Radio New Zealand) has been set up to provide New Zealanders with a free-to-air digital platform on which all free-to-air broadcasts can broadcast their channels.

Free-to-Air TV is available via satellite (DTH or Direct to Home) to a dish and via UHF transmission (DTT or Digital Terrestrial TV) to UHF aerial.

Each broadcaster decides which of its channels it will make available on Free-to-Air TV. Notably Free-to-Air is not TVNZ, but a group of broadcasters, one of whom is TVNZ.

Between 2012 and 2015 the government will switch-off analogue transmissions and therefore all TV reception will be from digital transmissions only. Below you can see when this happening around the country.

digital tv in wanganui

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