Upgrade your experience by improved signal quality, multi-room TV installations, professional cable running and more….


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Reception Cable Upgrades

Improve your digital TV viewing by making sure your signal isn’t being degraded in the cables.

We can test the signal is travelling down the cables without being lost on the way.

Professionally done by our experienced Electricians, with no loose cables to trip over



see freeview in another room wanganui installers

Multiple Room TV Installations

Want to watch TV in another room, or watch a different channel than your children?

We can advise on the best solution to fit your personal requirements.

 With a world of experience in multiple room TV installations and out of sight cable running.


We’ll see you see right – See what you want to see, where you want to see it!


phone and internet cables in wanganui

Phone & Data

We can also carry out all maintenance on internal phone and data cabling systems and install data and phone points in existing and new homes and offices.

 – Structured Cabling
 – Additional phone & data outlets
 – Internal phone & data cable testing & replacement
 – Cabling-running
 – Audio/Visual cable installation & up-grades


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