If your signal is fading we can find the fault and fix the problem. Your signal receiving equipment needs periodic maintenance as it’s exposed to the wind and rain. 


UHF Aerial Realignments

uhf realignment by wanganui electricans for better tv signalMake sure your signal is strongest by periodically realigning your UHF Aerial for maximum viewing pleasure.

Aerials can get out of alignment in wind, it’s a good idea to get your signal checked periodically, or if you know something isn’t right.

We have the latest signal finding and testing equipment, secure fastenings & cable connectors for maximum strength of signal & installation.



Satellite Dish Realignments

tv technicians in wanganui align satellite dishes to improve receptionSatellite Dishes catch the wind as well as the satellite signal; make sure your satellite dish is picking up the best digital signal possible.

If you’ve ever tried, it’s really hard to pin-point a satellite in space, but with the right equipment we’ll have you seeing things crystal clear.





LNB Replacements

wanganui satellite tv repairs freeview reception signal lnb dishA LNB (Low-Noise Block down converter) is the receiving device on your satellite dish.

Like all electronic equipment, they get degraded over time & damaged by the elements.

If your reception is dodgy, you may need your LNB replaced.

Let our professional electricians advise you on your options.



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